Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet


Dupont and Orttewell Ironmongers
Bures and Sudbury

The Dupont family in Bures were very wealthy, with numerous business ventures

The business was the result of a merger between, the Dupont`s in Bures and the Orttewell family, Ironmongers in Sudbury.


This business first appeared in Kellys Directory in:-

1855: as John Dupont, Agricultural and Implement Dealer
High Street, Bures

1868: John had added "Machinist" to his skills.

1869: John he was still expanding his business advertising as:-
Dealer in Agricultural Implements
Steam Engines
Thrashing Machines
Washing and Sewing Machines
General Commission Agent
Distributor of Manure, Oil Cake,and Grease
Agent for all leading Manufacturers and Machines

1874: now Trading as John Dupont and Son (Charles)
John had two sons Charles and George
Adding Coal Merchant to his Inventory.

1884: As well as the store, John and Charles owned Lt Bevills Farm

1897: Death of John Dupont (aged81)

1893: The Partnership between John and son Charles was dissolved.
The newspaper makes reference to a Newton branch.
Charles then continued the business on his own.
This could have been the time when they amalgamated with Orttewell.

1902: Now trading as Dupont and Orttewell Ltd, Bures and Sudbury

1906: Dupont and Orttewell Ltd, Bures and Sudbury

1920: Death of Charles Dupont.

1922: The business sold and now trading as Brands and Church.
William Church aged only 23 yrs (Church`s Seeds), invested money into the business to keep it solvent.
He owned
1000 shares in this business and received a salary of £225 per annum until his death in 1919
His wife Annice Church then became director until the business was dissolved.
William Brand then became the sole owner, Trading as "Agricultural Machinery and Motor Engineers".

1954: Brands finally closed.
The business consisted of a number of buildings in Bures.
On the south side of the High Street there were:
Main office, cottage, yard, storage premises and workshop.
Separate garage premises comprising approach drive, yard, garages and store shed.
On the north side of the High Street there was a cottage and garden with adjoining showroom.
In the "Croft" there were storage premises with a workshop and part of a meadow.

From the opening by John Dupont in 1855 to when it closed in 1954, the site traded as an Ironmonger for 99 years.


1891: Kellys directory, not listed

1900: Kellys directory listed Orttewell & Sons Ltd.
Trading at Sudbury, Maldon and Witham.
Stockist of:- Wholesale and Retail Ironmongers, Bellhangers, Gasfitters, Whitesmiths, Stove and Range Manufacturers, Agricultural Implements, Oil Merchants

1905: Registered as:-
‘Wholesale and retail Ironmongers, bellhangers, acetylene & general gasfitters, whitesmiths, stove and range maker, agricultural implement makers, iron and brass foundry"

1912: Kellys directory now displays them trading as Dupont and Orttewell

Left: The Bures yard was trading under this new joint company name in 1908.

This letter was written by Charles, so it`s likely it originated from the Bures Store
Dated 11th October 1907
Dear Sir,
Must have Willshire here next week
Have sold six bean drills this week- which is all our stock and that trade
only lasts 3 weeks in the Autumn
Yours Truly
C Dupont

The letter is directed to R Orttewell.
It`s very formal, was he requesting a member of staff called Willshire to
return to the Bures Store ?

Richard Orttewell (aged 48) is listed as Ironmongers, High Street, Maldon
Richard took over the business from his father Frank.

By 1936, the Maldon shop was closed and Richard had moved to Middlesex

Revised Photo:
Taken in the High Street, clearly shows the entrance gates and Brands Shop to the left of the Crown Public House.

Oddly enough Kelly`s Trade directory list the business until 1906, operating in both St Mary and Hamlet.

Sudbury Store, left side of Burkitts Lane entrance
No55 Gainsborough Street.
Possibly taken after the end of WW1.

The Final days of Dupont and Orttewell

The Company wound-up by Richard from Maldon
By this time Charles had died in 1920 and the Bures Store had been sold to Brands
Richard died two years later in 1938 at Poole, Dorset.

Name Plate recovered from the Sudbury store when it closed.

Name Plate from Bures Store.

Renamed after William Church invested money into the business.


John and Charles jointly owned this property beside the Station.

Charles Dupont residence, Fysh House, Bures.

John Dupont lived at 7 Station Hill, Bures in 1881
He was originally a carpenter, then a wheelwright.
John and Charles aslo farmed Lt Bevills along the Sudbury Rd.

The Orttewell family must have been well connected, Richard was a Freemason at a Lodge in London and there is also an "Orttewell Road" in Bury St Edmunds

Published 21/11/2021
Alan Beales
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