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Newspaper Reports 1
Newspaper Reports 2
  Village Life 1965 Village Life 1840 -1914
BBC Christmas Broadcast WW2
  WI Book 1951 - History of Bures    

Local Information Local Information Directory of Services
  Community Services Origin of the name Bures

Bures Development,


Church`s Granary, High Street (Approved)

Packing Shed land opposite Pikes Marsh (Approved)

  Persimmon Development on the land to the rear of Friends Field (Approved) Gladmans planning application for recreational facilities in Bures Hamlet (Denied)
  Colchester Road, New Development (Denied) Proposed Development Parsonage Hill (Approved)
  Council House Construction, Nayland Rd 1964 (Approved) Colchester Rd Garage demolision and development (Approved)
  Bank House, Proposed Coffee Shop (Approved)


Bures Development,

Sale of land adjacent to the river, Colchester Road (active)
Sale of Agricultural land to the left of Normandie Way (active
  Colchester Rd, Garage, Residential (Approved) AppleTreeMews, Development (approved, waiting completion)
  Proposed Development at Ferriers 2021 (See application 2023)) Change of use of Agricultural Buildings to Residentail at Ferriers 2023( Refused)
  Chambers Bus Site, Residential Properties(Approved)

March 2024 Plans revised

Bures Hamlet


The Boat House
Butlers Farm
Bures Meadow/Common
Fire devastates newly-weds house
Ferriers Barn
It`s History
Ferriers Manorial Court
Gas Works
Garage, Colchester Road
Listed Buildings
Local Ginger Beer Dispensers    
M Malting on an industrial scale in 2007 The Maltings    
P Police House    
R River House      
S Secretaries      
W White House
(1914-1918 Hospital)
3 3 Ways Cafe Fire      

Bures St Mary
B Bank House, Bridge Street      
Bures Bowling Green
Baptist Church
Bures Free Church
British Restaurant
Chapel Barn or St Stephen's Chapel
Church`s Drying Kiln
100 Years of Cricket History



Chambers Fire 1928 Cuckoo Barn Chambers Bus site sold
Community Centre
Coffee Tavern
Corn Hall
Church`s Seeds, High Street
The Dairy, Nayland Road
Drake Butchers & Slaughterhouse
Dramatic Society
History and Demolition of Slaughterhouse along Cuckoo Hill
D Dunstead, Sudbury Rd
Major update August 2017
Samuel Death, Blacksmith    
Football Ground extension 2013
Fire Station

Fysh House Farm

Fysh House Farm Fires

Factory, Nayland Road
Spinning Mill
Destroyed by Fire
Cheese Production
Finally Demolition
The Great Fire of 1845 at Little Ropers Farm
H Hold Farm      
Listed Buildings
Village Lock-up
Moat Farm
Mill & Lock
The Night Soil Man
One Bell PH
Post Office

Pilgrims Garage

Property Sale 1898
P Police House      
S St Mary`s Parish Waldegrave Connection St Marys Church Tower catches Fire St Mary`s Parish Church (external web site) St Marys Church origin
Smallbridge Hall
Tanning Factory
Victory Hall
Waldegrave Family Tree
War Memorial

Bures Common
Michaelmas Fair on the Common
Bures Common 2011 > present
New building for the Common

Mount Bures
Aerial Views of
Mount Bures Church
Mount Bures Crossing

Bures Home Guard What came after the Night Soil Man

Press Cuttings taken from local Newspapers
1759 > 1956

Bures Token
  Hydraulic Rams First Coffee House in Bures Stanley Deaves, Builders Life in Bures 1965

Smallbridge Hall Smallbridge Hall Smallbridge Scam Smallbridge Pont Data
  Smallbridge School Smallbridge Water Mill Smallbridge & Stour Lighters
  Smallbridge Mystery Rail track Waldegraves of Smallbridge Hall Smallbridge Retirement Home
  NA Carriage Company Henry Liam Ward MS

Waldegraves Wormingford Hall & Church Waldegraves and
St Mary`s
Waldegraves and The Mayflower Waldegraves Family Tree

Puritans & the Mayflower
inc Ferriers
Pelham family Petre family The Mayflower to New England Puritans
  Rebecca Fraser author of "The Mayflower", publication, visited Bures on Jan 9th 2018 in order to view Gt Bevills, St Stephens Chapel and Smallbridge Hall
Link to book review

Archaeology and History within in the adjacent parishes of Wormingford and Mount Bures  
Colchester Rd Field
Tudor Hunting Lodge at Lodge Hills
Carenza Lewis on The Common
Lodge Hill Brick Kiln
Wormingford Hall
The Mount at Mount Bures
Land at the rear of Friends Field

Listed Buildings
Bures St Mary
Bures Hamlet
Mount Bures

Bures Primary School History of the Schools in Bures including our own Primary School
  School Photograph 1953

Links to the USA

What did we export ?
Huntingtons Chorea
MayFlower to America
  Herbert Pelham from Ferriers Waldegrave and Pelham family

History of the Public Houses Public House (all) Eight Bells Public House One Bell PH
  Eight Bells Refurbisment 1974 One Bell Little Cornard  


Europa 2009


"The Great Orchard or Nursery Field"
History of the Land to the rear of Friends Field  
(2014 renamed Pikes Marsh)
History of the Orchard and its eventual destruction
Planning Applications
History of the Packing Sheds that once stood on the Orchard
Suffolk County Council Archaeological Dig 2012
Developer moves in
Why is it called Pikes Marsh ?

Storms and Flooding St Judes Storm, November 2013 1956 Flooding
  February 2014 Storm  

Dragons and Tunnels Bures Dragon Bures to Borley Tunnel
  Wormingford Dragon  

Village Retail History
See the shops that traded in the village from 1840 until 2010
Compare photographs of the village shops that traded in 1900 and today
Pictorial record of Bures during 1965
Meggs Meadow ( now The Common)
Dupont and Orttewell. Ironmongers, High Street
Deaves, Builders
George and Sidney Eves, Builders
Pilgrim, Builders
Pudney Builders

Bures St Mary
Bures Hamlet
Assington 2
Mount Bures
Lt Cornard
  Removal of the Poor to the Midlands    

Gainsborough Rail Line

History 1849 to 1989
History 1990 - 1999
1968 Rail timetable
The Decline of Bures Station
History 2000 - 2005
History 2006
History 2007
History 2008
History 2009
History 2010
History 2011
History 2012
History 2013
History 2014

History 2015
History 2016
History 2017
History 2018
History 2019
History 2020
History 2021
History 2022
Tracks Works 1
Track Works 2
Track Works 3
Rail Crash
Lt Cornard 2010

Countryside Walks & Woodland Planting Millennium Tree Suffolk Wildlife Trust
"Spouses Grove"

New photographs 2015
Essex Wildlife Trust
"Sergeant`s Orchard"
Seven Circular walks around Bures
Download walks as a pdf file
  Transistion Group. Planting New Community Wood Water Meadows Arger Fen Woodland Walk
My recommended walk. Bures to Arger Fen

River Stour (1) B1508 Roadbridge River Stour Roadbridge Repairs
Where has all the water gone?   Millennium Bridge

River Events(2) Power Boat Rally 2004 Coracles on the River 2012
    Millennium Regatta 2002

The River at work(3) Mill & Lock Wormingford Cut
  The River Navigation with the Lighters and horses Cambridge Brook & Hydraulic Rams
  Pitmere Lock, Lamarsh Environment Agency Work at Bures Mill
  Bures Mill Weir Schematic Diagrams Wind and Water Mills
    Bures Wharf

Wind and Wind and WaterMills in Bures  
Water Mills Ferriers Two Water Mills Ferriers Wind Mill

Water Treatment
Colchester Rd  

Denver - Abberton Water Transfer Scheme

Water extracted from the River Stour and pumped to Abberton Reservoir.
Photographic album of the construction work at Bures

What to see on the River River scenes

Boating on the River The Boat House River House  

Photographic Collection Regatta 2002 Millennium Bridge Photo Album
  Europa 2009 Diamond Jubilee Bures 2000 Calender

Bures 2000 Centenary Calendar Photographs

Bures at War
Bures at War (external web site)
Comrades of the Great War
  Fred Staples receives Bevin Boy Medal Womens Land Army Bures
  VE Celebrations down at the Community Centre Elizabeth Garrad writes to POW in Germany
  Wormingford Airfield, demolision of 4 farms in Mount Bures  

Queen Elizabeth 11, Coronation 1953 Coronation

Biography & Deaths Dr Thomas Wood John Constable Garrad Family
  Mrs St Osyth Wood Waldegraves of Smallbridge Hall Jack Bruce, Musician
  Dennis Ambrose, Fysh House Farm Cansdale family Alliston Family
  Witgar Hitchcock, Bures Mill Margaret Hitchcock, Bures Mill Cynthia Eves
  Selwyn Pryor, Little Mill Cottage David Vango John Ineson, Arger Fen
  John Cowlin, Mount Bures    

Services to the Community
Ferriers Barn Bures Grammar School
  Bures Primary School extensions  
Do you recognise these faces ? (Sports)

Do you recognise these faces ? (School days)
  Victory Village Hall 1935 Having Fun
  Football Mill Workers
  Veterans rally Bures Ballet Group 1965
  Bures String Band  

Winston Churchill
Did Winston ever visit Bures ?

TV Celebrities visit Bures
Barbara Windsor
Carenza Lewis
Griff Rhys Jones
Paul Heiney

Notable Village Folk
Norfolk Bill
Old Major
(Arthur Whiting)
George (Quark) Baker
More characters
Was he the worst neighbour in Suffolk

Charlotte (Busky) Laurie


Village news Police Helicopter lands
Air Ambulance lands
Almshouses get new roof
  Archived News    

Leisure Quoits played on the Common  
  Bures Bowling Green  

Parish Council News LINK
This information is no longer published on this web site  

Mains Sewer arrives at Hamlet and St Mary 1950 Public Enquiry into the disposal of Sewage
  Night Soil Man
  Mains Sewer arrives in Hamlet
  Mains Sewer arrives in St Mary

Visits to Bures from the USA A family from "Tuscaloosa" USA visits Chapel Barn in March, 2016
More information
May 19th, 2016- Michelle Coughlin, a researcher visits Bures from Boston USA, to trace the Pelham, Harlackenden and Waldegrave family
More information
January 2017. Visitor from California in Bures researching his descendants
More Information
Will & Carol Kuberski from New Jersey, visited St Marys and St Stephens on 6th Oct, 2018
Related to the Cansdale, Cant and Parminter families

More information
  September 2017, Frances Hart from Portland, Origon, USA
Tracing her ancestors,
the Harlackenden and De-Vere family.l
More Information

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Utilities Electricity Electricity in Bures
  Gas Gas Works
  Telephone Telephone Exchange
  Water Distribution Denver - Abberton Water Transfer Scheme
  Water Distribution Water Treatment Plant along Colchester Road
  Suffolk County Council Road Works in the High St
  Broadband BT Supplier

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