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The villages within close proximity of Bures, with families and individuals emigrating to the New World

These locations indicate the villages whose residents emigrated to New England circa 1630 - 1650,
this is by no means comprehensive but just a snapshot

The Winthrop Fleet which set sail in 1630, consisted of eleven ships.
The well-planned and financed expedition was lead by Governor John Winthrop from Groton, who transported seven hundred Puritan immigrants from the religious turmoil in England to Salem.

The Winthrop Fleet was a well-planned and financed expedition that formed the nucleus of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. However they were not the first settlers of the area.
There was an existing settlement at Salem, started in about 1626 and populated by a few hundred Puritans.

The flagship "Arbella", and four other ships assembled at Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, scheduled to leave in late March of 1630, but rough weather kept them from sailing so the departure was postponed until April 8th.
Capt Peter Milburne was in command of the Arbella, the other ships being the Ambrose, Hopewell and the Talbot
This Fleet arrived in Salem, Massachusetts on June 13, 1630.

Six other ships of the fleet sailed in May 1830, the Charles, the Mayflower (Note 1), the Jewel, The Success, the Trial, the Whale, the William and Francis.

These ships arrived later in July 1630.

A few of the new arrivals remained in Salem, while most moved on to Boston and other settlements.

Eventually one thousand Puritans made the epic voyage to the New World during 1630.
Between their landing and December 1630, about two hundred Puritans died soon after they arrived from cold and disease, another one hundred would return to England within the first few months on the returning ships.

The table below lists the residents who emigrated to New England during the period 1620 - 1650

These would incude those passengers on the Winthrop Fleet of 1630

Notable Persons

In 1630 John Winthrop (1587-1649) organized a fleet of 11 ships to carry almost 1000 immigrants from England to America.
He was one of the founders of the American city of Boston and the first Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Winthrop’s father was a newly risen country gentleman whose 500-acre estate, Groton Manor, had been bought from Henry VIII at the time of the Reformation
Groton and Edwardstone are adjacent villages.

Bures: Ferriers and SmallBridge Hall

Herbert Pelham (Ferriers) and Thomas Waldegrave (Smallbridge), were among the "Adventurers," or founding investors, of the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1630

Groton, Suffolk

John Biggs,
Richard Gridley,
John and Robert Pond
John Cole,

Richard Gale
John, Robert and William Gale
John Braybrooke
Richard Gridley
Henry Pease
John Winthrop
John Daggett
William Dixon
William Gager

Boxted, Essex

Samuel Eddy
Thomas Griggs
John Boggust,
William Warner
Richard Lumpkin
Thomas Wells
Edward Howe
John Warner
Isaac More
George Cleare

Edwardstone, Suffolk

Benjamin Brand,
John Winthrop


Richard Church
John Gage,

Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk
John Devereux,
Mark Quilter


Nayland, Suffolk

John Firmin,
John Warren
Richard Webb

Assington, Suffolk
Thomas French,

Hadleigh, Suffolk
Jacob Leager
Solomon Greene

Bures, Suffolk

Nicholas Knapp,
Mrs. Elinor(or Elizabeth) Knapp,
William Knapp and children
Robert Parke,
Herbert Pelham

John Philbrick
John Parmenter
Elizabeth Loker and two children

Lavenham, Suffolk

John Mills
John Sales

Dedham, Essex

Bartholomew Barnard
Lionell Chute
John Page

Nathaniel Sparhark
Stephen Cole
John Sherman
Theophilus Salter
George Watson
Philip Sherman
John Cooper
Robert Hinsdale
Edmund Angier
John and Richard Sherman
Edward Collins
John Barnard
Edmund Sherman
Francis Smith

Kersey, Suffolk
Samuel Scarlet
Robert Sampson


John Ruggles,


Sudbury, Suffolk

Jeffrey Ruggles,
Rev Wilson
Robert Paine
Richard Hayfield
William Waterbury
Ray Simon
robert Parmenter
Martin Sanders
Daniel, Joseph and Martin Weld
Giles Firmin
Jeffrey Ruggles
Humphrey Griggs
John Smith
Edmund Shaffield
Job Harkins
Elizabeth Cooper
Francis Newcombe
Henry Ambrose
Robert Lord
John Waterbury
Ichabod and William Sheffield

Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk

Isaac Stearns
John Deveraux


Wormingford, Essex
Judith Tue ( part of the Bures Knapp Family)
Aldham, Essex
Thomas Lovering

Boxford, Suffolk
Henry Kingsbury
John Sawin
George Phillips
Richard Crabbe
Robert Reynolds

Semer, Suffolk
William Clarke

Nayland, Suffolk
John Firmin
Thoma Parish
John Waters
Giles Firmin
Isaac Sternes
John Kent
John Warren
Joshua Kent
Richard Waterman
Robert Reynolds
Richard Holton

Polstead, Suffolk
Josias Firmin
Linsey, Suffolk
Justinian and Richard Holden
Waldingfield, Suffolk
John and Thomas Wincoll

Wiston, Suffolk
Miles Ives

Ardleigh, Essex
John Lovering

John and Matthew Wipple
Ozias and William Goodwin
Thomas Stacey
Thomas Fitch
Rowland Stebbins
Simon Stacey
Gt Yeldham Essex
John Plumb
George and Joseph Cook
Samuel and Wiiliam Symonds
Braintree, Essex
Stephen Hart
John Talcott
Robert Hawkins
Joseph Loomis
William Wadsworth
Henry Josselyn
Zachary Sanford
David Brainerd
Richard Butler

Castle Hedingham, Essex
Thomas Walford

Colchester, Essex
Manasseh Kempton
Samuel Hosier
Thomas Reed
Philemon Whale
William Spooner
Daniel Bacon
Robert Drake
John Bland
Francis Austin
John Cloyes
Aaron and Moses Pingree
William Jennings
James Boosey
Henry Block
Samuel Hosier
Thomas Munt,

Colne Engaine, Essex
Anthony and Thomas Brackett
Joseph Harvey
Wakes Colne, Essex
Michael Powell
Earls Colne, Essex
Rev Thomas Shepard
Roger Harlakenden
White Colne, Essex
Michael Lappingwell
  Langham, Essex
Samuel Groome
Lawford, Essex
Robert Wing
John Pemberton

Maplestead, Essex
thur Tyndal

Fordham, Essex
Samuel Morse

Foxearth, Essex
Martin Stebbings

Gt Horkesley,Essex
William Warner

Halstead, Essex
Elijah Corlet
John Coggeshall
John Hood
William French
Francis Wainwright

Tendring, Essex
William Hubbard

Thorrington, Essex
Edward Coleman
John Deeming
sister Elizabeth Deeming
Nathaniel Foote
Although living at Shalford
they named their new town

Names extracted from the book :"The Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620 to 1650"

Note 1:- same name, but different from the Pilgrim’s ship that landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620.

Passenger List :- http://www.packrat-pro.com/ships/winthrop.htm
Winthrop Fleet
Pelham Family
Waldegrave, Smallbridge Hall

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