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The earliest recorded owner of Ferriers appears to be:-

The name was derived from the great family of "Ferrers", Earls of Derby and was held in the reign of Edward 11 (1284-1327) by John de-Ferrers

His daughter carried it by name to John Mortimer, Lords of Attleburgh and again by marriage it passed with the heiress and that family to the Cresseners of Hawkendon in Suffolk
The Cressener Family was originally of Norman extraction.

The Cressener family who held it from 1411 to 1546,
subsequently passing to Anthony Waldegrave of Smallbridge, who married Elizabeth Graye
Daughter and Heiress of Ralphe Graye, Burnt Pelham, Herts

Anthony died in 1570,
but he had only one heir, Thomas who married Elizabeth Gurdon of Assington
Anthony had five childen including
Thomas Waldegrave

Thomas (d1640)married Margaret Holmstead with a daughter Jemima ( who later married Herbert Pelham)


(1) Waldegrave Pelham, who was baptized at Bures, 2nd September, 1627.
The Bennet roll says : " My cousin "Waldgrave, eldest son of
my great uncle Pelham, by his first wife Mrs. Waldgrave, lives at a house
called Ferriers, near Buers Town in Essex."
(from the deeds, this appears to be Thomas Waldegrave who bequeathed it to his son Herbert)
by Joseph Lemuel Chester Boston, 1879)

(2) According to the book below, on the death of Thomas in 1640, Ferriers was bequeathed to Jemima Waldegrave (1605 -1639)
But Jemima had already died ?

Herbert married Jemima in 1626 - so where did they live after their marriage ?

We know they both lived at Ferriers, but from what date ?


Ferriers has links with the settlers who emigrated to the New World in circa 1630
Herbert Pelham (1600 -1674) lived with wife Jemima Waldegrave in Ferriers
Herbert and Jemima were the parents of Penelope Pelham b1633
The family emigrated in 1639 to the Americas
to the Mayflower

This small extract taken from "The History of Bures" by W.G.C.Probert.

Ferriers and the Pelham family

This is a very brief synopsis of the Pelham family as many books have been written on the subject.

One of the most notable occupant of Ferriers was Herbert Pelham (1600 -1674) and Jemima Waldegrave

Herbert Pelham Esq., was born in 1600 at Boston. Lincs
He was son and heir of Herbert Pelham, Esq., (1580-1624) and Penelope West.

Herbert (aged 26) married by license dated 13 Oct. 1626, Jemima Waldegrave (aged 20) , 2nd daughter of Thomas Waldegrave, Esq. and Margaret Holmstead of Smallbridge Hall.

Herbert and Jemima had 5 children

1 Waldegrave Pelham, eldest son of Herbert Pelham, was baptised at Bures 26thSept., 1627. He was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1647, and married Abagail, daughter of Thomas Glassock, of Heding ham, Sible, Essex. They lived at a house called Ferriers, near Bures, town in Essex. Abigail was buried at Bures in 1698 and Waldegrave in 1699. Letters to administer his estate were granted to his brother, Edward
Admitted to the inner Temple in 1647 ( aged only 20) and married Abigail Glascock of Sible Hedingham

Waldegrave Pelham 1st b1667 died in infancy
Penelope (Howard) Pelham b1676 unmarried, renounced administration of her fathers estate.
Waldegrave Pelham 2nd b 1670 d1703
Margaret Pelham, also renounced Administration of her fathers estate, then later married as Margaret Jenison
Herbert Pelham d 1746 married Sarah ***
Jemima Pelham unmarried d1741
Abigail, Elizabeth and Mary all died in infancy

Herbert who married Sarah had six children ***
Waldegrave d1763
Sarah d1714
Herbert b1707 d 1729
William Byatt b1709
Nathaniel b 1713 d1736
Elizabeth bap 1716

2. Nathaniel (baptized Feb. 1631/2), d. 1657; was part of Harvard's class of 1651.
Documents record in Nov. 1657 he sailed for England in "Mr [James] Garretts ship which had aboard her a very rich lading of goods, but most especially of passengers, about fifty in number.

3 Jemima (b ? m.1654 Rev. Samuel Kem, rector at Albury near Oxford, m. by Jacob Roswell, JP, in Trinity Parish, London, d. by 1657 & buried at Bures.

4. Katherine (b. before 1638) married and lived as Katherine Clark, but no husband listed Lived in England.
1. Elizabeth Harlakenden (b. c. 1636), m. Guthlach Tolliot, is mentioned in Herbert Pelhams 's will as living in England (ref ii)
2. Margaret Harlekenden (b. 1638), d. early?

5 Penelope - see text below

Herbert Pelham, found himself increasingly dissatisfied with the High Church Proclivities of the government and so he took the enormous step to emigrate, offerering passage to any villagers who wished to join him.

Ref:- (1)

Another reason for this decision would have been that Herbert invested in the Winthrop project with his father-in-law Thomas Waldegrave.
The Winthrop project formed part of the Mayflower/Pilgrim Fathers emigration to the New World
Herbert Pelham and Thomas Waldegrave, were among the "Adventurers," or founding investors, of the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1630.

During 1638, Herbert, Jemima and his children emigrated (ref i) to New England, where they settled at Cambridge, Massachusetts."
The normal time for this grueling journey would have been 66 days

Sadly his wife Jemima died in the same year, possibly during the journey or shortly after arriving on land.
Herbert subsequently bought a house in Cambridge, which had by then about 60 houses, as well as a meetinghouse, a market and a college (Harvard).

It seems within a few months of arriving. Herbert soon married a young widow Elizabeth Bosville (1617-1659), daughter Godfey Bosville of Yorkshire and widow of Lt Col Roger Harlakenden, Esq. ( previously of Earls Colne)

Roger Harlackenden left behind two small daughters (Elizabeth and Margaret), and the entire family moved into Elizabeth's larger house, where more children were born (ref ii)

Herbert Pelham, a lawyer and aristocrat, became the first treasurer of Harvard College in 1643.

He returned to England in the ship "Supply" on 9 Nov. 1646, and lived at Ferriers, Bures.

In 1654 he represented Essex in Cromwell's Puritan Parliament.
It appears from local records that Herbert made plans to return to Cambridge, but that never materialized as he remained in the UK until his death.
Herbert lived out his days at Ferriers, aged 77 he passed and buried at Bures, Essex 1 July 1674.
His wife Elizabeth died in Bures August 25, 1659

Herbert and Elizabeth Bosville his second wife had the following children ( questionable listing)

(a)Herbert, b.3 Oct 1645, Cambridge, MA , bur. 2 Jan 1646, Cambridge, MA

(b)Edward, b 1652 inherited Ferriers from Waldegrave Lived in Boston d 1730

(c)Mary, born Nov. 12, 1640, lived in Essex died unmarried.
Mary PELHAM, b. 12 Nov 1640, Cambridge, MA

(d)Frances (wife of Jeremiah Stonnard), b.9 Nov 1643, Cambridge, MA .

(e)Anne. B1646 -1651 unmarried

(f)Henry :- b 1656 appeared to have been buried at Bures in the latter part of 1699 and his wife Elizabeth took out letters of administration to his estate 10th June 1700

(g) William born about 1654, he must have been born at Bures as Herbert and Elizabeth returned home in 1646

Elizabeth Died aged 42 in Bures 1659
Herbert Died aged 74 in Bures 1674

Ref:- http://www.familyrecord.net/getperson.php?personID=I32437&tree=CorlissOrdway

The Pelhams also had close links with the Winslow family:-
In one of Penelopes letters to John Winthrop, Governor of Massachusetts Bay she called Edward Winslow "my cosen"

Also Herbert in 1647 wries to John Winthrop and finishes the correspondence with "Your loving Cousin"

This indicates that both the Pelham (Bures) and Winslow(Groton, Suffolk) families were known to each other.


Born to Herbert and Jemima at Ferriers in 1630
Emigrated with her Parents to the New World in 1639

And at some point Penelope met Josiah Winslow. Josiah, born in 1629 in Marshfield was the oldest surviving child of Edward and Susanna White Winslow (both Mayflower passengers). He attended Harvard in the late 1640s. If he had visited the College earlier with his father, he just might have met the very young Penelope, but this is pure conjecture

In 1651, Josiah went to England. At that time he had not seen his father, who upon his arrival in England in 1646 had accepted a position in the government of Oliver Cromwell, for more than 4 years.

However it was, and whenever it was, that Josiah Winslow and Penelope Pelham first met, it seems likely that they married in 1651

Penelope's children - a daughter and son who died as infants along with surviving daughter Elizabeth and son Isaac

Josiah became Governor of Plymouth Colony from 1673 to 1680. He was then described as "the most accomplished man in New England"

Josiah died in 1680. He named Penelope, then 47 years old, as his executrix. Penelope had silversmith John Coney of Boston make a mourning ring with a lock of Josiah's hair.

Penelope continued to live at Careswell, raising 16-year-old Elizabeth and 11-year-old Isaac and running the estate.
Her daughter married in 1684.
Isaac went to Harvard, became a judge and President of the Council of Massachusetts Bay. He built a new home in 1699 for himself and his mother. The following year, he brought home a bride, Sarah Wensley.

Penelope died in 1703, age 70. Isaac's daughter, born the following year, was named in her honour.

Portrait of Penelope Pelham
Memorial in Marshfield, USA to:
Edward Winslow and his wife Susanna
Josiah Winslow and his wife Penelope
and others

Penelope seems to have had some trouble with her brothers Edward and Waldegrave with regard to the way they tried to usurp land belonging to her. Attached is a recent issue of the Mayflower Quarterly with an article by Rebecca Fraser about Penelope's legal problems with Waldegrave--and her father--regarding property deeded to her by her grandfather Thomas Waldegrave that wasn't distributed. And in 1703--shortly before she died--Penelope filed a petition in Massachusetts arguing against Edward's claim to land he had no right to. (He claimed 400 acres that had been deeded to their father--which by law should have been split with Penelope--as well as 400 acres that had been deeded to Thomas Waldegrave, to which he was not entitled because he was of no relation.)

Courtesy of Michelle Coughlin, Boston

Lt Col Roger Harlackenden

Lt. Col. Roger Harlackenden, Esq. was christened on 1 October 1611 at Earl's Colne, Essex, England.
He married Elizabeth Bosville, daughter of Col. Godfrey Bosvile, Esq., Justice of the Peace and Margaret Greville, on 4 June 1635 at Earl's Colne, Essex, England.
They had 2 daughters:
1. Elizabeth, wife of Guthlake Foliott
2. Margaret

Lt. Col. Roger Harlackenden, Esq. and his sister Mabel Harlackenden (aged 21) emigrated on 10 August 1635; On the ship Defence to New England
He died on 17 November 1638 at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA, at age 27; died of smallpox.[1][2][3][6][4][5][7]

Relationship between Harlackenden and the current Probert Family (ref iv)

The whole estate of Earls Colne was given to Aubrey de Vere by William the Conqueror.[3] His grandson Aubrey de Vere III became the first Earl of Oxford in the mid-twelfth century.
The Earls had an ancient mansion called Hall Place standing near the site of the present Ashwells in Park Lane.
Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford mismanaged his finances and in 1583 the estate, then comprising the manor and park of seven hundred acres, were purchased from him by his steward Richard Harlackenden

In 1787 the manors passed to Anne Holgate (d. 1817) and her husband Thomas Carwardine (d. 1824
They were succeeded by their sons Henry Holgate Carwardine. (d. 1867) and J. B. Carwardine (d. 1871) and by J. B. Carwardine's son John.
After John's death in 1889 the manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory were separated. Earls Colne passed to John's son F. H. Carwardine (d. 1910) and daughter Florence Mary, who married J. H. W. Keeling;

Colne Priory passed to W. R. Probert, son of Henry Holgate and J. Carwardine's sister Anne and her husband Thomas Probert.
Mrs. Keeling was still lady of Earls Colne manor in 1937, when the last copyholds had been enfranchised and manorial rights extinguished.
W. R. Probert was succeeded at Colne Priory by his son W. G. Carwardine Probert who sold the manor 1935.

The 18th c descendants of the Harlackendens' at Earls Colne were Carwardines who twice married the Proberts & Richard Probert (dec) inherited both family names
Geoffrey Probert his son, still carry the Carwardine middle name.

Children of Geoffrey Thomas Carwardine Probert and Penelope Anne Bevan

Thomas Henry Carwardine Probert b. 1985
Rebecca Mary Probert b. 1988
Isobel Loveday Probert b. 1991
Jack Michael Harlackenden Probert b. 1993



Memorials inside St Mary`s Parish Church Bures
These can be found directly opposite the main entrance door embedded in the floor

It reads:-

Here lies the remains of Mr Herbert Pelham, second son of Waldegrave Pelham and Abigail his wife, late of Bures Hamlet.

At his left hand lye the remains of Mrs Sarah Pelham his wife and daughter of Mr William Byatt and Frances his wife late of Bures St Mary

HP died March 8th (?)in the year of our Lord 1746, aged 77
SP dies November 7th in the year of our Lord 1748 aged 69

They had 7 children
Jemima Waldegrave
William Byatt

To die is Gain. Phil ?.21

Note:- although Herbert died on the 1st March 1746, his burial is recorded
as being on 1st July 1746

See above



(i) https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/A04F31C82CA41C29C88B2F50905D5542/S003329170001967Xa.pdf/the-history-of-huntington-s-chorea1.pdf

(ii) Earls Colne Priory History

(iii) Ref :- Genealogy Edward Winslow


The name Harlackenden and Harlakenden seems to have variations in its spelling

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