Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet

Bures Mill Weir, Schematic Diagrams

The Weir was constructed in 1937, it is completely mechanical, operated by a method of floats, which in turn control the Weir concrete barrier.
No electricty supply is required to operate this type of Weir

However, electricity is now on site, but only to operate the water level gauges which feedback telementry to the Environment Agency.

Ken Sayer, a viilage resident recall
his father was a bricklayer, who assisted on the construction of the Weir.

He recalls seeing a photograph of his father sitting on one of the side walls of the Weir with a group of his fellow bricklayers.
This would have been circa 1937-38


<<<<Photo dated mid 1930`s
Shuttering ready for bricklaying

Completion of the work as reported in the
Suffolk and Essex Free Press
April 4th 1946

NB:- but why the conflicting dates of 1937 and 1946 ?

Download the original architects drawings dated 1935

Acknowledgment to the National Archives and the Environment Agency for allowing me to reproduce these diagrams