Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet

Chapel Barn, Three Stained Glass windows behind the Alter

St Stephen represented as a Deacon, holding the Palm branch of Martydom and in his left hand stones simbilising his death
Beneath are the arms of Sir Gilbert de-Tany the builder of the Chapel with the Six Eagles

Christ in Majesty with his right hand raised in Blessing. The open book held in his left hand signifies the Alpha and Omega
In the corners of the medallion are the emblems of the four Evangelists

St Lawrence vested as Deacon holding a Palm branch and a GridIron representing his Martydom

The Arms below are that of Archbishop Stephen Langton

Bishop Humbert of Elham with his medallion.
Humbert, Crowned St Edmunds on this site.
St Edmund King and Martyr, holding a Sceptre and two arrows.

Published Jan 2018 Stained Glass windows behind the Alter