Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet

The interior of St Stephens Chapel


Tomb of Thomas de Vere, 8th Earl of Oxford and 6th Great Chamberlain. Born c 1336, acceded 1360, died 1371
A fighting "Vere" who fought with Edward 111.
Married Maud de Ufford in c 1360

Tomb of Richard de Vere, 11th Earl of Oxford KG.
Born c1385, acceded 1406, died 1417.
Lays with his second wife Alice Sergeaux, m1406, d 1452.
Richard was at the siege of Harfluer and was the joint commander of the central block under Henry 5th at Agincourt

Both tombs looking towards the Altar

Tomb of Robert de Vere 5th. earl of Oxford and 6th Great Chamberlin. Born c1236, acceded 1263 and died 1296.
Follower of Simon de Monfort in the Second Barons 1265 rebellion. Lands forfeited after Battle of Evesham but soon restored.
Married Alice Sanford in c1265

Mediaeval sarcophagus presumed to have come from the de Vere mausoleum at Earls Colne Priory.
Kindly loaned to St Stephens Chapel by Kit Hunter Gordon esq of Colne Park, June 2008

Effigy of Alberie de Vere. Born c1080.

Joint Sheriff of London and Lord Great Chamberlin under Henry 1st from 1133.
This effigy was found in a rock garden at Earls Colne Priory in the 1920`s

Roof Timberwork

Balcony above the entrance door
However sitting in this balcony,
it is impossible to see the Altar.
Superb stained glass window behind the Altar

Photographs by Alan Beales
Updated 14.06.2012