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The Bures Dragon
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The original dragon was constructed using 100 tons of chalk, unfortunately it was subject to the weather causing the material to gradually fade over the years.
So only after a few years, it had to be re-chalked.
This was very costly in terms of replacing the chalk and the labour.

To solve this problem, during 2019 the chalk was replaced with a concrete base, painted white.

Please note: The Dragon is on private land, by all means view from the footpaths but do not enter the site
The area is often used for sheep using the pasture

Concrete base approximately 10 inches wide

Lower left foot

Lower left leg

Lower left leg


Part of tail

Photo taken from the south of St Stephens Chapel

Plaque located at the viewing site, south of the Chapel
Here you have the opportunity to sign the Visitors Book

Photos by Alan Beales
updated 18/05/2019
updated with new photos 03/05/2019