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Home of the Bures Dragon


The Bures Dragon:

The best observation point is to the south of St Stephens Chapel, where you can look across the valley to view the beast.
Walk to the Chapel and take the footpath around to the rear
The dragon is outlined in Chalk, but after a few years, this will be eroded by the rain and not so clearly visible (see photo 2018)
The dragon measures 75m x 95m with 100 tons of chalk around its circumference

Chalk with the dragon outline approximately 12 inches wide

Dragon Nose

Dragon lower jaw

Dragon 2015

Dragon 2015

Dragon 2016

The best view from behind St Stephens Chapel, taken June 2017

May 2018, the outline fading with the chalk erosion
due to the early spring wet weather

Plaque located at the viewing site, south of the Chapel
Here you have the opportunity to sign the Visitors Book

November 2017, the Bures Dragon was listed in the "Atlas Obscura", This is a New York publication and its mission is "to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share"
Link:- Atlas Obscura

Photos by Alan Beales
updated 18/05/2019