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The Wormingford Dragon

WORMINGFORD - our adjacent village,
also lays claim to the dragon.





At the start of the fifteenth century a dragon appeared at a ford on the River Stour. It devoured many wayfarers until Sir Bertram de Haye killed it by felling a tree onto the beast.
Another story tells how the creature was slain by Sir George Marney (of Layer de la Haye) using his lance. Perhaps, this is what became of the dragon who fled from the archers at Bures
St George and the Dragon, surely not !

church window

A stained glass window inside St Andrews, the local parish church at Wormingford, portrays this event.

Inside the church is a document which tells the story of the "beast"

Download copy of church notice

The Dragon window was donated by Maria Boggis-Rolfe in gratitude to those who returned from the 1939- 1945 war.

The legend, is one explanation for the village changing its name to Wormingford in the Middle Ages, "worm" being an ancient name for dragons and beasts.
However, both the Bures and Wormingford accounts agree, it was most probably the escaped crocodile given to Richard 1st.

Acknowledgment to St Andrews Church Wormingford for the photo & notice