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Ferriers Wind Mill



Most likely location of the Windmill.
Approximately 70ft asl, the highest point on this field.


Essex Records Office holds a file called "Deeds of Bures Hamlet"
In that document it refers to a Mill or WindMill dated 1600
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A further reference is made by Leigh Alston, listing Mills in Bures Hamlet and Bures St Mary
He speaks about a WindMill opposite Hill Farm on the Lamarsh Rd
This is confirmed by the OS reference recorded by James Kendall.
The Water Mill didnt appear to last very long, as it was replaced by a Wind Mill during the same century

An additional archive in the Essex Records Office hold a book :-
The Place names of Bures Hamlet by Recorder James Kendall
This contains a list of field names, together with their location in the Parish

Lower Windmill field
Filed Number: 138
OS Reference: 895 341
Acreage : 18
Land Use : arable
Owner : Hanbury Osgood Townsend,
Tenant : Charles snr Ferriers
Upper Windmill field
Field Number : 142
OS Reference : 895 343
Acreage : 12
Land use : arable
Owner: Hanbury Osgood Townsend, Tenant : Charles snr Ferriers


The fields opposite Hill Farm, incline downwards towards Ferriers
The obvious place for the Windmill, would have been at its highest point as shown on the above OS map.

This would have aslo given it easy access to the publich highway


Field No142:- Upper Windmill Field.
Field No138:- Lower Windmill Field

The meandering line running across these fields from N to SW is a stream which may possibly feed the Mill Pond adjacent to Ferriers Barn

One question remains unanswered, was there another Windmill in Field 138 at sometime ?



Published 29/08/2018