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Ferriers, Manorial Court House




According to Leigh Alston, the local medieval historian,
this building was previously a Manorial Court House

"The Manor of Ferrers"
The Court room was located in the left upper floor
Ferriers and the Court House, dated circa 1550

Note the two lower entrances which were cut into the side wall,
in order to accommodate up and over doors for car parking

Due to storm damage during August 2018, it was necessary to remove some of the timber cladding to make the building secure.

The result revealed ancient timbers with lathe and plasterwork

The white upper door is a later addition, which will be removed in due course

Compare this to the top photograph where two entrances have been made in order to park vehicles

Interior Beams


Lettering carved on beams
Rear View

Court House now with timber cladding
March 2019

Published 24/08/2018
updated 15/03/2019
updated 25/03/2019