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Ferriers Water Mill :- Part 1



1920 view of Mill Pond



Essex Records Office holds a file called "Deeds of Bures Hamlet"
In that document it refers to a Mill or WindMill dated 1600.

The Tithe Map of 1600 refers specifically to a Water Mill.

An additional archive in the Essex Records Office hold a book :-
The Place names of Bures Hamlet by Recorder James Kendall
This contains a list of field names, together with their location in the Parish

MillField or MelleField
Filed Number: 126
OS Reference: 896 339
Acreage : 20
Land Use : arable
Owner : Hanbury Osgood Townsend,
Tenant : Charles snr Ferriers
Mill Land Cottages
Field Number : 129
OS Reference : 896 336
Acreage : 12
Land use : arable
Owner: Hanbury Osgood Townsend, Tenant : Charles snr Ferriers

The Pond
Field Number 130
OS Reference 894 337

The Meadow
Field Number 128
OS Reference 895 336
Field Number 136
OS Reference 896 339
The New Orchard
Field Number 127
OS Reference 895 335

Estate owned by Mr Wallygraue

Tithe map circa 1855
The earlier 1804 OS map, indicates no Farm Buildings

OS Map dated 1904, clearly indicating "Sluice"
and the Mill buildings

It`s possible a Water Wheel was erected
in one of these buildings, to drive farm machinery

OS Map dated 1925 now indicating Ferriers (or Mill) Cottages



This confirms the Mill was taken down during the 1600`s


<<<<<<<<<< During the 1970`s, all of the old farm buildings were demolished when Ferriers Barn was constructed.
This photograph taken during that period, shows the vertical supporting wall for the embankment.

From the Ipswich Journal, 9 March 1872
Destructive Fire. On Thursday week, a destructive fire broke out at Ferrier's Farm, Bures, in the occupation of Mr. G. Markham, who entered into possession only at Michaelmas last, and was uninsured.....The farm belongs to Mr. O. Hanbury, in whose name the buildings were insured. The stacks belonged to the executors of the late Mr Townsend, the outgoing tenant.....

Also a report of a fire where the Water Mill burnt down, but no date given but it could possibly have been the above fire

We know it couldn`t have been the 16th Mill, as it was demolished in the same century
The second Mill was erected on this site sometime during the mid to late 1800`s
Does this imply the Mill was burnt down by fire in 1872 and had to be rebuilt yet again ?

Published 29/08/2018
Updated 09/09/2018
Acknowledgement to Rober Siers of Essex Mills for his assistance.
Essex Records Office
Exracts from Parish magazine by Leigh Alston