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Updates 2020

Jan 5th Judical Review taken against Babergh Planning Authority ( Cancelled)

March 5th: Hold Farm

March 30th: Changes to Index page

April 20th: Parsonage Hill Development

May 11th Bulk updates

Mrs Margaret Hitchcock
Mr Thomas Wood
Mrs St Osyth Wood

Update White House, Isolation Hospital

Cuckoo Barn Press Cuttings

Retail Outlets in 1885

Chambers Fire 1928

Winston Churchill in Bures

B1508 Bridge Repairs

Chambers Coach outing to Clacton

July 15th Bures Ballet Group

July 19th, Salem Mohammed Bin Laden

July 21st New photographs Drake Butchers

July 21st Bures String Band

August 3rd B1508 Bridge Repair

September 9th Bank House, Bridge St

September 9th Traders in Bures 1857

September 20th 3 Ways Cafe Fire

September 20th Factory Fire

September 20th Factory Demolition

September 20th Property Sale 1898

September 27th Victory Hall, Percival Poster

September 27th Bures Dramatic Society

October 10th Life in Bures 1830 -1914


Jan 6th Hugh Creek School Headmaster Family History

Jan 14th Hugh Turners Collection of Walks

Feb 3rd Crown Public House update, Newspaper Cutting

March 16th Greater Anglia Podcast

April 2nd Elizabeth Garrad write to POW In Germany

April 13th Huntingdons Chorea

April 13th Bures Dragon Video

April 15th Bures Fire Station

April 17th British Restaurant

April 17th Selwyn Pryor Funeral

May 14th Chambers Bus Station sold by Auction

May 14th Bank House sold by Auction

June 10th Dunstead

July 20th Bank House Sold for the 3rd Time

July 21st AppleTreeMews Planning Decision

July 22nd Ferriers Development

July 24th Colour Images of 1958 Rolling stock on the rail line

August 14th Ferriers updated

August 14th Accidents on the Branch Line

August 23rd Victory Hall, 1930 photo added

September 2nd Charlotte (Busky) Mary Laurie

September 14th Huntingdons Disease

September 18th Additional update to Charlotte Laurie

September 19th Katherine Carr, CWGC Dedication

November 9th 1956 Floods

November 11th Jack Bruce, Musician

November 17th Update to Stanley Deaves, Builders

November 21st Dupont and Orttewell Ironmongers