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Updates and new information

2012 to 2013
2014 -2015

2016- 2017

Updates 2016

January 10th:- Update Planters

January 22nd - Life at Smallbridge School

January 22nd - Smallbridge roof restoration

Jan/Feb - Researching the ownership of Planters with Essex Records Office

Jan 10th - Start of development on the packing shed land, opposite Pikes Marsh

March 18th - Visit by a party from Alabama, USA to the village

March 26th - Ferriers added

April 1st - Update to rail history page with 1925 timetable

April 7th - Major updates to the Ferriers and Mayflower pages

April 20 = Quoits page updated

April 21st - Herbert Pelham autobiography published

April24th - 2016 inaugural Quoits match

April 25th - Talk of 85 new properties along Colchester Road

May 1st - Puritans of East Anglia

May 8th - Directory of Services updated

May 8th - Additional Quoits bed installed

May 19th - Reseacher visits Bures from Boston USA

May 31st - update and additional pages to Ferriers re Pelham

June 20th - Excavations at Lt Ropers Farm

July 30th - River Stour runs dry

Aug 3rd - New Development B1508

Sept 6th -Bures Mill Weir Construction 1937

Sept 20th - another yarn from the village

Sept 29th - Dunstead, Sudbury Rd

Nov 15th - update Lt Ropers Dig

Nov 16th - Life in a Suffolk Village added

Nov 28th - Slaughter House land update

Dec 6th - Additional Page added to Mayflower

Dec 12th - Major Update to MayFlower pages

Dec 30th - History of the Common Land

Updates 2017

January 9th - Devastating Fire at Ravensfield

January 10th - Dr Thomas Wood update ( off-line)

January 11th - addition - Suicide on the railway

January 11th -update to Cricket Match reports circa 1800

January 13th - Bowls Club

January 13th - update to Cricket page, new results posted

January 31st - Post Office major update

January 31st - California visit to Bures

February 2nd - Almshouse update with Newspaper cutting

February 9th - Smallbridge Retirement Home

February 9th - Pelham/Winslow/Waldegrave link discovered

February 12th 2017 Branch Line News

February 23rd Night Soil Man

Febraury 23rd Branch Line page

February 23rd River House

February 23rd Maltings